Checkbox property control

With this approach you can have a checkbox that can trigger javascript and python scripts:

The calculated value click action toggles a Boolean document property. When this Boolean doc property changes it triggers the iron python script.

The javascript is triggered by adding a click event handler


  1. Calculated value has a custom expression to show a checkbox character marked when document property is on or off:


  2. Calculated value has a script associated to run a python script when clicked. The script changes the state of the document property:

    Document.Properties['booleanDocProp'] = not Document.Properties['booleanDocProp']

  3. Another python script changes the visualization title when document property changes:

    //viz is a Visualization type script parameter
    viz.Title = "Checkbox is ON" if Document.Properties['booleanDocProp'] else "Checkbox is OFF"

  4. Optionally trigger a javascript when the calculated value changes.

      status = cb.innerText=="☒"?"OFF":"ON"
      alert("Checkbox is " + status)

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