Warning when upgrading to Spotfire 10

TIBCO has deprecated the JQueryUI Javascript library in the latest Spotfire 10.0 release

TIBCO Community pages show us how to use JQuery properly

Pressing keys programatically

Why reinvent the wheel when you can send keystrokes? for example, you can filter out marked rows or add a new visualization by sending keystrokes programatically

import clr

from System.Windows.Forms import SendKeys, Control, Keys

#Filter out Marked Rows same as 
SendKeys.Send("(^+M)") #Ctrl+M

#Create a Box Plot 
SendKeys.Send("^+{5}") #same as Ctrl+Shift+5

List of shortcuts

Ctrl+A Mark filtered rows. 
Ctrl+B Bookmarks.
Ctrl+C Copy the marked records to the clipboard as text.
Ctrl+D Duplicate active page.
Ctrl+E Unmark Resets the set of marked records. No records will be marked after you have executed this operation. 
Ctrl+F Find.
Ctrl+I Inverts the set of marked records. Marks all unmarked records and unmarks the set of marked records.
Ctrl+L or Alt+L Toggles legends of a visualization on or off.
Ctrl+M Filter to, Sets the selection to the marked records. Creates a temporary filter so that only the marked records are visible.  
Ctrl+N New Page.
Ctrl+O Open an existing file or a file to import.
Ctrl+P Print the active visualization. 
Ctrl+R Reset all filters.
Ctrl+S Save the present visualization in the same format as when opened.
Ctrl+T Create a new text area. 
Ctrl+U Duplicate visualization.
Ctrl+V Paste the clipboard contents into Spotfire. 
Ctrl+Y Redo. 
Ctrl+Z Undo.
Ctrl+W or Alt+F4 Close.
Ctrl+Shift+M Filter out 
Ctrl+1 Create a new table.  
Ctrl+2 Create a new cross table. 
Ctrl+3 Create a new bar chart. 
Ctrl+4 Create a new line chart. 
Ctrl+5 Create a new combination chart.  
Ctrl+6 Create a new pie chart. 
Ctrl+7 Create a new scatter plot. 
Ctrl+8 Create a new 3D scatter plot.
Ctrl+9 Create a new map chart.
Ctrl+0 Create a new graphical table. 
Ctrl+Shift+1 Create a new tree map. 
Ctrl+Shift+2 Create a new heat map. 
Ctrl+Shift+3 Create a new parallel Coordinate plot. 
Ctrl+Shift+4 Create a new summary table. 
Ctrl+Shift+5 Create a new box plot. 
F1 Help.
F12 Save file.
Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Enter Opens the Properties dialogue. 
Delete Deletes the set of marked records. 

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