Warning when upgrading to Spotfire 10

TIBCO has deprecated the JQueryUI Javascript library in the latest Spotfire 10.0 release

TIBCO Community pages show us how to use JQuery properly

Hide menu, header, etc from webplayer

By adding the options parameter to the webplayer url, you can hide the header, toolbar, export visualization, about, etc. This can be very helpful when integrating with SharePoint or other web portals.

Example to hide the satus bar and page navigation:

Header 1
Status bar 2
Toolbar 3
Page navigation 4
Filter panel 5
Details on demand 6
Undo\Redo 7
Export visualization image 8
Analysis information 9
Download as DXP file 10
Help 11
About 12
Close 13
Logout 14
Edit button 15

You can also pass other parameters to set filters a specific value

Full details here


vaibhav gupta said...

All scripts mentioned above worked smoothly for me. I was trying to hide a value of grand total for particular column in cross table. Do you got any way through which we can implement that?

Jose Leviaguirre said...

If your users are consumers, what about using a calculated column nulling the value when certain condition is met?